Welcome to Water Street Studio

Welcome to Water Street Studio

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915 A Sophia Street, Fredericksburg, VA
on the second floor
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About Us

What’s in a Name?

IMG_0691As we were choosing a name for our writing and arts working and teaching space, we wanted it to describe both the location at our address on the banks of the Rappahannock and our city of Fredericksburg. We wanted to honor the river, the town and its people, their interests and enthusiasms, which inspire us as artists.

On many old maps of Fredericksburg, Sophia Street was alternatively called Water Street. Water, river, growth in the arts, roots, sustenance, all images seemed to come together in that name.

Stop by to shop in our gift store, sign up for a class, or to see what we do! We want to be a creative space for artists and writers of all ages.

Susan Carter Morgan
Lynette L. Reed
Elizabeth W. Seaver

Upcoming Blend

Upcoming Blend

Art & Poetry

We are so excited about our next First Friday. (I know it seems like we just had one– we DID!) But now that the snow is gone, we are looking forward to spring and April 3!

We asked a varied group of artists to submit work and then encouraged our poets to be inspired by it. Wait until you see what happened!! #writing #art #markyourcalendars

First Friday (except it really isn’t)

First Friday (except it really isn’t)


Photo by Dave Ellis, The Free Lance-Star

So the SNOW canceled our First Friday event: The Art of Fly Fishing. But we’re glad to have another chance to share with you the featured artists for this month.

First, check out this article! Rob Hedelt will tell you all you need to know about fly fishing, the artists, and why we are featuring them. It’s a great story.

Next, visit our instagram page, where we have a photo of some of Michael Curtiss’s paintings of flies.

Everything will be better in person, though. We hope to see you next Friday!!

You Asked For It! Dyed Silk Scarf with Surface Designs

You Asked For It! Dyed Silk Scarf with Surface Designs

That’s right, the painted silk scarf class is back!

This Sunday, Feb 8, from 2-4. Students will learn the technique of microwave dyeing and then select one of two surface design methods to embellish their scarf with. Register online (click the Special Events tab above) or contact Lynette @ 540-903-2684 or yarnlyn@aol.com

2015–The Year of the Author-Entrepreneur

2015–The Year of the Author-Entrepreneur

Want to know more about indie publishing?

Daniel McInerny (http://danielmcinerny.com/) author of the comic novel, High Concepts: A Hollywood Nightmare, as well as, for children, the humorous Kingdom of Patria series, will speak at Water Street Studio on Feb 12 at 7pm.

Daniel will discuss aspects of storytelling along with indie publishing. We’ll serve light refreshments, and you will have a chance to ask questions.

If you want Daniel to sign one of his books, please visit his author page and purchase one ahead of time.

 Join us!

And now for something different…

And now for something different…

348Sandbild_im_Sera_Kloster_-_Sandpainting_-_Wikipedia__the_free_encyclopediaMandalas, sand paintings, have been used for healing, meditation, gaining wisdom, or simply as a way to relax. We are going to use the mandala circle as a writing prompt, a time to journal in quiet as we construct our own mandala.

Karen Richardson will oversee the mandala. You will be able to sit and pour sand for as long or as little as you  want. You may start by journaling and then move to the mandala table, where the action of creating a sand picture may take your writing in a new direction. Or you might start there and then move to a writing corner to see what comes.

The afternoon is loose. You may write much or little, participate in the mandala often or simply observe. At the end of the afternoon, we will dismantle/tear apart the mandala, which is the traditional method of ending the circle and is considered a metaphor for the impermanence of life.

We’ll have a closing circle to share what has come out of the afternoon (or you may keep it all to yourself!) Drinks (coffee, tea, wine) and light snacks will be served.

$30- 4-6 pm Sunday, January 25. Please email Susan at susancartermorgan(at)gmail.com to register. You may drop a check by the studio or mail it to 915 A Sophia Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401. Or you may pay for the workshop on PayPal by visiting the special events tab on our website. Enrollment will be limited.

We hope you will join us for an afternoon of awakening our creativity.

Last Chance for Middle School Girls!

Last Chance for Middle School Girls!

Join us in a six-week after school writing/art workshop. Illustrate Your Life will give you a chance to focus on writing about you–your hopes, your dreams, your worries– in poetry, stories, and art. At Water Street, it’s always about the process not the product. So come let your creative juices flow!

$125 Tuesdays at 4:30

January 6-February 10

Call Susan to register: 540-907-9732